The Daily NotePop-up newspaper

Daily newspaper created for the Red Bull Music Academy in NYC in 2013.

As a component to the larger Red Bull Music Academy campaign, Doubleday & Cartwright signed on to publish a daily newspaper. This was distributed on the evening commute by the New York Metro staff to compliment the normal morning commute newspaper distribution. Printed in quantities of 80,000 copies daily throughout the academy.

Covers were designed daily to capture the spirit of spontaneity of daily newspapers and elements of the front of book were intentionally left un-planned to be able to respond to pop culture events throughout the academy. This was offset by well planned out long form editorial features.

To execute this task, myself and editor Piotr Orlov were tasked with hiring a full temporary editorial staff of 12 people to execute all writing, commissioning, designing, photo editing, prepress and production.

Created at Doubleday & Cartwright.

Creative Director, Production Manager