Bollettino is a quarterly culture, arts and fashion publication created by
Casa Cipriani for its global community.


The magazine’s editorial approach stems from Casa Cipriani’s commitment to timeless designs and casual elegance.

I led a reimagining of their approach to design and art direction and overall approach to editorial structure—rethinking the photographic and typographic approach as well as how the magazine is constructed, organized and printed, moving from saddle stitch to an elegant perfect bound solution.

The resulting book is an elegant and refined reflection of the global brand of Casa Cipriani, which serves as the distribution points for the publication. 

Below are some select spreads. Go here to view online or pick up a copy at a Casa Cipriani location.

Photo story devoted to the collection of Sir Elton John.

Various spreads devoted to classic art viewed through a modern lens.

Tiffany and Co. editorial.

Various spreads devoted to the visual performing arts.



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